How should your V smell?

Not everyone’s vagina would smell the same. And your vagina doesn’t need to smell like a field of flowers. You’ll notice that slightly acidic scent due to the presence of lactic acid in your vagina. And a healthy vagina will have a range of different scent throughout the month. During various points of your menstrual cycle, your unique smell will… Read More »How should your V smell?

How to use a feminine wash?

It’s really easy. Just make sure you adhere to the do’s and don’ts below and you’ll be fine. Keep them as a note to self! DO: Each time apply an amount equal to two times taking gels. It’s the perfect amount to use each time. Apply from front to back, and over the sides on your external intimate area. Applying… Read More »How to use a feminine wash?

What is a healthy V?

Every woman is unique and that same uniqueness applies to her vagina. So a normal, healthy vagina may be different from one woman to the next. What’s important is that you understand what is normal, healthy vagina for you. A healthy vagina is when the good bacteria in the vagina environment is constantly kept at a certain amount which helps… Read More »What is a healthy V?

Learning about vaginal discharge

Some discharge is normal and but when those abnormal ones come along, you’d better be on the lookout and make some adjustments to your diet or activities. Rule of thumb: Dramatically increased discharge, especially in an unfamiliar colour means your vagina is experiencing infection. Whether it’s yeast infection or the common infection called Bacterial Vaginosis, you should be taking extra… Read More »Learning about vaginal discharge