Learning about vaginal discharge

Some discharge is normal and but when those abnormal ones come along, you’d better be on the lookout and make some adjustments to your diet or activities.

Rule of thumb: Dramatically increased discharge, especially in an unfamiliar colour means your vagina is experiencing infection. Whether it’s yeast infection or the common infection called Bacterial Vaginosis, you should be taking extra care of your vagina to prevent future infections.

So here are some tell-tale signs of discharge. The normal and not so normal ones.

  • Thick, white discharge without any itch is common at the beginning and end of your period cycle.
  • Clear and stretchy discharge is “fertile” mucous which means you are ovulating.
  • Clear and watery discharge can be particularly heavy after exercising.
  • Brown discharge may happen right after periods, and is just “cleaning out” your vagina.
  • White, grey or yellow discharge accompanied by strong, fishy odour means you have Bacterial Vaginosis.
  • Thick and white discharge that resembles cottage cheese means you’re experiencing yeast infection.

Begin taking ideal care of your vagina and prevent infections, it makes sense to use cleansing products, like feminine washes that can help to sustain the right pH level.