How to use a feminine wash?

It’s really easy. Just make sure you adhere to the do’s and don’ts below and you’ll be fine. Keep them as a note to self!


  1. Each time apply an amount equal to two times taking gels. It’s the perfect amount to use each time.
  2. Apply from front to back, and over the sides on your external intimate area. Applying front to back avoids you from mixing it with your butt’s bacteria. And by cleansing the sides and outer layer of your vagina effectively removes any leftover residue from urinating.


    1. Never mix your feminine wash with water or body wash or soap. No diluting is required when you’re using PIGINA . Let the product do its job.
    2. Never use feminine wash to douche deep inside the vagina. The vagina is a self-cleaning area that should not be touched!