I. 5 symptoms of aging genitals

  1. Prolapse

This is a condition where the uterus is in a normal position under the vagina and falls to the perineum of the pelvis, even in cases where it falls outside the pelvis. Women with prolapse of uterus have a heavy feeling, tightness in the abdomen, urination several times a day and the emergence of protruding flesh on the genitals, so they have difficulty in living. Some patients also experience pain in the lower abdomen and lower back, reducing interest in sex work.

  1. Loss of elasticity

As you age, your skin loses collagen, leading to sagging, loss of elasticity and wrinkles. The same goes for the vagina. The hormone estrogen helps to keep the skin plump and more elastic. As the vagina “ages”, it loses its thickness and elasticity also declines. Vaginal wall is “shaved” thin, even fibrous, hard and dry. Symptoms of loss of elasticity in the vagina are:

  • Wrinkled, less toned private area: Many women after giving birth, especially when entering the perimenopause period, have the skin on the genitals becoming wrinkled, losing elasticity, less toned. This significantly affects the aesthetics as well as psychology of the women.
  • Dull, darkened vagina: Over time, good endocrine activity changes, depleting the hormone Estrogen content. This has an impact on melanocytes, which produces more Melanin and makes sensitive skin dull and darker.
  • The vagina is dilated, loose, rough: In addition to causes such as multiple births and congenital, aging is also a factor that makes the vagina become dilated and drought. Elastic fibers such as Collagen and Elastin are disintegrated, and the function of Hyaluronic Acid changes, making the vagina less elastic, not secreting enough sebum to have wet slippery, the woman feels itchy dry, discomfort, loss or reduction of pleasure in sexual activity.
  • Reduced libido: The vagina is dull, dark, rough or has an odor that makes women feel inferior, afraid to be close to the partner. At the same time, the hormone estrogen also reduces the sex drive in women and makes the vagina dry, causing pain during sex.
  1. The shrinkage of the uterus and the vagina

The sharp drop in estrogen levels causes the size of the uterus and the vagina to narrow in comparison to that in childhood. The reason is that these parts lose thickness, elasticity and moisture. This is a sign of a real regression in female reproductive function.

Experts say all tissue tends to shrink, especially if it is not, or is rarely used. This narrowing leads to burning, dryness, and sometimes vaginitis, according to a report from Harvard Medical School.

  1. Loss of bladder control

Over time, the muscles and ligaments that support the pelvic floor relax. In some cases, the bladder has a “leaky” phenomenon. Women may be unintentionally “flushed” by sneezing and coughing.

  1. Urinary tract infections

Urinary tract infections can occur more often, with more sensitive genital tissue. If not conserved carefully, urinary tract infections can lead to kidney infections or get worse.

The cause of a UTI can be as simple as a small scratch or mild injury during daily movement or rubbing.

II. Solution to vaginal aging problems

  • For uterine prolapse, if the condition is mild, women can overcome it with Kegel exercises. Often postpartum women have to pay attention to this issue and practice immediately to avoid the risk of a prolapse of the uterus later on. When physical exercises are ineffective, a doctor may consider using a support device, vaginally inserted into a woman for “immobilization”, or surgery. The worst case scenario is the hysterectomy.
  • For other aging problems, Kegel Exercises are ineffective, but other activities such as arousing, focusing and lengthening foreplay, and having sex with the right amount can last women’s good form.
  • Using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT- Hormone Replacement Therapy) that provides estrogen and progestin taking female hormone levels back to normal is an effective treatment.
  • In addition to the above measures, maintaining a healthy, regular, and harmonious sex life with one partner is essential to prolong the youth of the genital area.