How should your V smell?

Not everyone’s vagina would smell the same. And your vagina doesn’t need to smell like a field of flowers. You’ll notice that slightly acidic scent due to the presence of lactic acid in your vagina. And a healthy vagina will have a range of different scent throughout the month. During various points of your menstrual cycle, your unique smell will fluctuate between a stronger and more subtle scent. And you shouldn’t be worried about these changes.

Here are some smell descriptions to take note of:

  • Strong, pungent smells are abnormal. Unusual discharge.
  • Musky scent means that you’re wearing clothing that’s too tight.
  • Metallic smell (like iron) during period means it’s the smell of blood and that’s natural.

When a sniff should cause you to worry, such as unpleasant and strong odour, it may be time to consult a doctor. You don’t want the infection to get worse.