Should we use soap, shower gel, shampoo to clean the V?

Well, in the long run, your vagina will lose its natural moisture and its natural pH balance will go out of whack. You really don’t want soap to keep your vagina dry and unhealthy.1 Soap doesn’t replenish moisture on your vagina. You might think using beauty soaps that is pH balanced and moisturising, but think again. Like other soaps, it acts harshly on the good bacteria on your vagina. So use the PIGINA 3-alpha complex ultimate feminine gel wash. It’s specially formulated with integrated original 3-cell complex and natural herbal extracts that are best suited for female genitals to rejuvenate the vagina from a cellular level. Accompanying it is a lactic acid component that helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in your vaginal environment, creating an ideal vaginal pH balance at 3.8-4.5.