Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

PIGINA’s origins began about 300 years ago at the end of the Joseon Dynasty with a Korean traditional medicine doctor in Jeolla Province.

At that time, unlike Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, medical services and supplies were not readily available in the provinces so it was difficult for many people to receive medical benefits. Especially in winter, it was difficult to bathe frequently due to cold weather. Therefore, lower class women who were not able to regularly wash well with the help of servants as most of upper class women, faced many problems such as itching, white blood, bacterial and fungal vaginal infections because it was difficult to maintain cleanliness of the vagina.

To solve the problem, the passionate and talented oriental medicine doctor has researched and developed many herbs through many stages of experiment and preparation. The result is a blend of herbal products with unique ingredients that keep a woman’s vagina healthy from the inside.

With this product, many women have solved the problem of vaginal odor, cold treatment, drought, burning pain when having sex, bringing a full sex life for many women.

Originated from this long-standing oriental medicine method, undergone hundreds of years of continuous improvement plus breakthrough new technology from Stem Cell to rejuvenate private skin from the Cell level, 3-ALPHA STEM CELL COMPLEX ULTIMATE FEMININE SERIES was created and affirmed the No.1 premium lady care in Korea.